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Sunday, April 9, 2017

Responses to Rude Pregnancy Comments

When you’re pregnant there is no hiding it and one of the things you learn early on is how to deal with unwanted advice and rude comments. I’ve put together some of the most common remarks I’ve received and the number of ways I have responded. By the way, get used to it! Once you have the baby, you’re bombarded with even more comments and unsolicited advice of what you should and shouldn’t be doing. Consider it practice and try to have a sense of humor with it.

OMG! You’re huge!
I’ve never been a skinny girl and have always been a bit chubby. When I got pregnant I was super careful about my diet (for the most part). I did end up gaining too much weight (about 50lbs!). Several people (even total strangers) commented on my size and it made me so uncomfortable. I’ve never been totally okay with my size to begin with. I’ve used all of these answers depending on whom I was talking to.
·       Actually, I’m carrying pretty small now – wait till I’m 9 months pregnant.
·       Thanks, but the doctor says I’ve gained a healthy amount of weight so far.
·       OMG I know! I feel like a whale but I’m pregnant so that’s my excuse – what’s yours?
·       I wasn’t so skinny before I got pregnant and I’m kind of sensitive about my weight. I’d appreciate you keep your comments to yourself.
·       Actually, I’ve lost a couple pounds so thanks a lot asshole. (I lied but it made me feel better).

Oh you’re having a girl – girls take away the mothers beauty. That’s why you have so much acne.
I had crazy pregnancy acne (thank God it goes away!). An unbelievable amount of people would guess I was having a girl because of it. A lot of my family friends were really insensitive about it. I had to hear how my baby was taking away my beauty and that really sucked. Even a cashier at Loews said I was going to have a girl because I had so much acne.
·       I’m having a boy – but thanks for telling me I’ve lost my beauty.
·       You should read up on pregnancy hormones before making comments like that.
·       Wow that’s fascinating logic – what medical school did you go to?
·       That’s rude of you. Would you mind not commenting on my acne?
·       Yeah it sucks, but it sucks even more having strangers point it out.

Are you dilated at all?
I’ll never forget this random woman at the pool that asked me if I was dilated. I was huge and ready to pop – being that I was 6 days late. For some reason people think that it’s okay to ask personal questions about your vagina when you’re pregnant.
·       Are you brain damaged at all?
·       Gee I don’t know. I haven’t stuck my hand up my vag to check lately.
·       Umm, not yet.
·       That’s a personal question about my vagina. Did you really just ask that?
·       I don’t know. 

Belly Rubs
It’s hard to hide being pregnant. You walk around with a huge belly and some people think it’s okay to walk up to you and touch it. I especially had some family friends that I wasn’t exactly that close with come up to me and rub my belly. People tend to forget that they’re touching a part of your body – they wouldn’t do that if you weren’t pregnant. 
·       I’ve stepped back and put my hands in front or turned away from the person.
·       I’ve rubbed their belly back and laughed about how inappropriate it was.
·       You do realize you’re rubbing a part of my body now.
·       If I weren’t pregnant you’d never consider it appropriate to touch my stomach. Why do you feel it’s okay now?
·       Can you please not do that – it makes me uncomfortable.

Originally posted Miss Grown Up

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